Oh hi! It's yet another blog I made.

Hello! Looks like I haven't had a blog in decades, but it's only for about a year that the previous tentacode.net blog was down and gathering dust. Well. Maybe this time it will last for longer than three posts, who knows?

Anyway! It's been a long while and a lot of things have changed… First of all I'm working since august 2014 in a marvelous company called Ouiche Lorraine, managed by the guys behind VDM, FML, Betaseries and other really cool websites.

I've been hired as a the only developer on a new and awesome secret project that will hopefully be revealed quite soon. I'm doing both frontend and backend development, mostly PHP / Symfony but I also had the chance to do some Javascript with TypeScript and other fancy tools that will probably (maybe) be the subject of an upcoming post (you never know). Also worth noting that I'm not alone in this adventure, I'm lucky to be teamed up with my brotegrator @IAmNotCyril who knows how to write proper CSS / HTML (like object-oriented CSS, I did not even knew that existed!) and with @joffrey, brodesigner in chief who designs the most pretty stuff.

On other news I've moved in a brand new flat in Villeurbanne, with a cool room just for my office (and guitars). This explains why I'm not going to the coworking space very often, even though I'm still full-time teleworking.

Erratum: apparently my boss @maxime was upset that I did not mention him in this post and yet on top of being with Guillaume and Didier in #TeamDaron in charge of my project, he also helps me debugging our staging and pre production environment whenever I can't RTFM and fully deserves his titles of CTBro and sysadbro.